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Dear Friend,

Everyone has physical and/or emotional issues that impact our intimate lives at one point.

Whether it’s avoiding STIs, better contraception, damage from childbirth, painful sex, vaginal infections, hormonal imbalance, erectile dysfunction, prostate issues or myriad other specific sexual health problems including shame, trauma or simply a lack of helpful information…

I promise there is a solution or workaround that has eluded you until this moment.

Let’s get you unstuck with natural remedies, innovative new treatments and healing techniques covered in this guide.

Even if you have generalized “lack of libido,” we have answers!

Before I created this guide, I didn’t realize the two issues that most heavily impact libido, besides specific health issues such as diabetes, inflammation from autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, anxiety and depression are:

1) the health of your gut microbiome, and
2) the need to detoxify your body from today’s chemical-laden environment.

Having high hormone levels is only part of what makes a person have a strong sex drive. A body full of toxins, along with digestive issues, are at the root of low libido.

Toxins from the foods we eat, air we breathe, water we drink, cleaning fluids, health and beauty aids, and the environment in which we exist all emit hormone disruptors. Three of the top silent hormone disruptors are mold (mycotoxins), lead and cadmium (heavy metals).

Trust me, if you’re over 40, you need to detox for optimal health. No one can escape the estrogenic effects of BPAs, soy, plastics, fragrances, food colorings, herbicides…

…the list of toxins in our environment has hit a crisis point.

In this modern age — to stay young and vital — you must eradicate the toxins that get stuck in the fat in your brain, bone marrow and adipose tissue. Your body has accumulated all kinds of nasty environmental contaminants that are suppressing your immune system, exacerbating chronic diseases and wreaking havoc with your hormone production.

Detoxing and resetting your gut allows natural hormone production to work at full capacity.

You CAN reset your gut, immunity and sexual vitality. If you’re a man suffering from erectile dysfunction or a woman with low desire and brain fog, restoration of the gut microbiome and opening detoxification pathways may be what’s standing between you and a sizzling hot libido.

This is just ONE of the amazing facts you’ll learn from this new guide…

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In health,
Susan Bratton
Host of the Sexual Vitality Summit and author of Hot To Trot

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Susan Bratton

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